How to Solve Start Failure (Stuck at 59% and 99%)

If you get stuck when launching MEmu, check System Requirement first, and then check the solutions below.


1. Failed to start at the beginning

    • Windows OS crashes or power failure makes your MEmu disk image broken.
    • [Solution: Create a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu]
    • or Anti-virus software like AVAST blocks a certain file in MEmu by mistake.
      [Solution: Disable anti-virus software and create a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu]
    • or Installation process is not fully completed due to the restricted environment or anti-virus software.
      [Solution: Re-install as Admin or disable anti-virus software]


2. Failed to start at the beginning with a popup window: “MEmu failed to start, please reboot the computer and try again……”

  • The installation file is broken.
  • [Solution: Uninstall and reinstall MEmu then restart your computer]
  • Some other issues.
  • [Solution: Contact with us and let us help you remotely]


3. Stuck at 59% or 99% loading page, you need to do the following:

a) Create a New Emulator with Multi-MEmu

Wait until the creation process is finished, then start the emulator.

You can also send the shortcut of the new instance to the desktop for easy access


b) Update the graphics driver

      1. Download 3DP Chip tool
      2. Install & run 3DP tool, select your discrete graphic card to upgrade
      3. Click video card to the download page, then click on Driver download.
      4. Select the a specific version of driver, sometimes the latest one is in beta stage.

Please install the graphic driver after it is downloaded, then open the emulator.


c) Try switching the render mode

Open Multi-MEmu and click on individual emulator settings.

Switch the render mode between OpenGL and DirectX, then start the emulator.


d) Virtualization Technology (VT) Must be Enabled

Read the article below to check if your VT has already enabled by default, or follow the necessary steps to enable it manually:

How to Enable Virtualization Technology (VT) on PC


e) Disable Hyper-V

Press Windows logo key + X, then hit A to run Command Prompt as administrator. In Command Prompt window, type bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off and hit Enter key to execute this command.


4. Stuck at 100% loading page

        • Your anti-virus software like Kaspersky blocks Android boot-up.
          [Solution: Disable Kaspersky or create a new MEmu VM with Mutli-MEmu ]


5. Stuck at Android Home with a popup of “MEmu is starting”

        • Inter-process deadlock due to network socket.
          [Solution: run “netsh winsock reset” in Windows command line and reboot as it requests]


Note: Please report to us if your start failure is not included or well addressed.
Please send us a screenshot of your system info after clicking the button at the top right corner.


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